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What we stand for

In the dynamic world of electronics recycling, our core values are the guiding principles that drive us every day. At ArCoRec, we take pride in the fundamentals that shape our business and set us apart in our industry. These values reflect not only our commitment to excellence in recycling, but also our promise to our customers, partners, and the planet.


At ArCoRec, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to push the boundaries of traditional recycling methods and develop new, more efficient ways to process electronic waste. Our focus is on constantly improving our processes and techniques so that we continue to play a progressive role in the recycling industry not only today, but into the future.


Responsibility is at the core of our business ethics. At ArCoRec, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment, our customers and the community. This translates into a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, ensuring data privacy and pursuing sustainability in every aspect of our work. We take this responsibility seriously and continually work to improve our impact on the world.


Transparency is essential for building and maintaining trust with our customers and partners. At ArCoRec, we believe in open communication about our processes, decision-making and results. We ensure that our customers and partners have a clear understanding of how we work and the impact of our services. By being transparent in our operations, we strive to build honest and trusting relationships with everyone involved in our business.

Who we are

At the helm of ArCoRec is Majid Arai, the company’s founder and driving force. With a background in both technology and environmental science, Majid has a practical and purposeful approach to electronics recycling.

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