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Recycling is an art

At ArCoRec, electronics recycling is viewed as a sophisticated art. Each device is a complex fusion of materials and technology, with each component requiring its own unique recycling process. Our expertise lies in carefully dismantling and transforming discarded electronics into usable raw materials. This approach goes beyond simply reusing materials; it is a balanced blend of technological innovation, careful processing and an in-depth knowledge of electronic equipment. In every step of our process, we bring to life the art of precision and attention to detail.

What we do

Our process is carefully designed to transform every discarded appliance into something valuable. We follow a three-step process that begins with the careful collection of appliances and ends with the transformation of materials for reuse.


Collection and preparation

The process begins with the careful collection of discarded electronics. We work with businesses, government agencies and individuals to collect a wide range of devices. Once we arrive, each device is inspected and prepared for the next stage. This includes sorting by type and material, and safely disposing of any data.


Dismantling and separation

The second step is the heart of our art: dismantling. Specialized technicians manually disassemble each piece of equipment to separate different materials. Metals, plastics, glass and other components are carefully separated to ensure the purity of the materials. This meticulous separation is essential to the quality of the recycling process.


Processing and transformation

In the final stage, we transform the separated materials into usable raw materials. This is done through advanced processes, including smelting and refining. The end result is a range of high-quality materials ready for reuse in new products. In doing so, we close the cycle and contribute to reducing the need for new raw materials.

Working at ArCoRec?

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